Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fun with Shadows!

Today I had some fun shooting shadow pictures of the girls.  I even managed to have Lizzie take one of me and Kate.  

I love it.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beautiful Sara

This girl is a knockout.  She is just so gorgeous.  Kills me every time with those beautiful eyes.  She is hard to say no to!  :-)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Getting better at this!

This was so much fun!  

Lizzie was definitely not into this again.  She can be such a pretty little model but if she does not want to do something there is just no convincing her to!  

I am still figuring out the which lens for what and what settings for what but I am learning like 5 new things each time I take pictures so I will get better picture in no time!  

Bye bye~

Saturday, February 22, 2014


 So I decided to do a quick photoshoot tonight before the sun went down.  Still learning the right functions but I learn a little more each time I shoot!  I know what to fix tomorrow !

Lizzie was SO not into this shoot tonight.  These were unfortunately my best two shots of her!  The first face I guess it very her, I get this angry face a lot!  I love her little nose scrunch!

In between Lizzie and Sara's shoots Derek grabbed the camera and snapped this of Kate.  Maybe he should be the photographer in the family, this is such a cute shot!

Sara always poses so nice and pretty!

Kate is crazy to shoot.  I need to figure out how to set my shutter speed to super super quick to catch her!  This is my favorite shot of the day though!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Kate is 5 months old now!  The time has flown so fast!  The Dr's office here was really full all the time, and she had to wait til she was 5 months old before she got into her 4 month checkup, but she weighed 14 lbs at this appointment.  She is petite and has the chunkiest thighs!  Dr said everything looks good with her health.

I am so in love with this girl.  She has been pretty difficult and fussy the last few months, but she is finally starting to act a little more normal!  And, despite the adorable above picture, it is still HOT here, (I was just trying on her hat that I crocheted, way too hot to wear it anywhere right now!) but at least we are no longer hitting 100 every day.  Mostly 96 is our high.  Still hot, but I think the slight cool down has had a lot to do with her getting less fussy.  She REALLY doesn't like to be hot, she is definitely my baby!

This little girl loves to stand, she also is scooting around on her belly, especially scooting in a circle!  So cute!  She is happiest when in her baby exersaucer, because she can stand and turn around and play with the toys. 

She definitely resembles the other two girls with her coloring, her eyes are for sure blue.  I still think she looks a lot like Derek.  Her baby pictures look a lot like Lizzie's baby pictures, and Lizzie looks like Derek so I guess that's true!

She has some funny little quirks.  One thing we found a month or two ago was that she has 3 funny little 1/2 inch patches of hair on one side of her head that are coming in very light, either white blond or possible even white!  The doctor said she couldn't tell yet, because she still hardly has any hair!  It's so cute, and makes me laugh.  Who knows what that hair will look like when it all starts to come in!  

She is finally starting to take longer naps, and we will get hour long to two hour long naps at least once a day.  She is not a super cheerful and laughing baby, in fact getting her to laugh takes some serious work!  But she does smile a lot.

 Lizzie can almost always get Kate to laugh, and so can Sara.  Kate LOVES her sisters, and for the most part they are very gentle with her and kind.
Kate loves when Daddy is home, and she gets so excited.  She also loves to fall asleep in his arms.  Love her chunkiness!  She started refusing her binkie over a month ago, and won't take it at all.  Sometimes she sucks on her fingers, but she mostly just has jaws of death and will squeeze things with her gums as tightly as she possibly can.

 She is such a joy to have in our home, and i love her so much!  I am grateful for her and for the opportunity I have to be a mother and to serve her with every ounce of strength that I have.  She she such a precious spirit!

I made her this quilt over the last couple of weeks.  I am gearing up and practicing for making a King quilt for our bed.  My skills are still severely lacking.  I now know that doing binding MY way is not the best way!  haha!  But I still love her quilt, it looks great in her room and the backing is a vintage floral sheet, and I just really love how it all turned out!  This was a super simple quilt, I had seem similar quilts done, the square are raw edged and sewn on top, basically quilting the squares, top, padding, and backing together all at the same time in an imperfect grid.  I love the imperfect perfectness of this quilt!

Monday, September 23, 2013

September is almost over, and maybe cooling down under 100!

So, the last couple weeks have sure been busy!  As part of our temporary homeschooling we worked on country studies, a passion of mine and I thought it would be fun to introduce the girls to some other countries.  I planned to do once a week but we're actually going to aim for twice a month!  :-)

The first country we have studied was China.  I let the girls watch a cool documentary about China, and they were so cute.  The got up and dance like the cranes and were fascinated with all of it.  It was really cute!  

We made paper lanterns for our China night!  They were fun and easy to do!

We looked and replicated the Chinese flag, Lizzie was very OCD about hers and got really upset that Sara's was NOT right.

But Sara didn't care.  She liked her own better!  :-)

As much as I wish I could say I got to look at this cheerful adorable face all day, I would be lying!  haha!  Kate has been so finicky.  Her "thing" this week is that she won't eat unless I am laying down to nurse her.  Seriously.  I went thrifting with a friend and she wouldn't eat the whole 4 hours.  And she was very unhappy about it.  So we are pretty homebound right now.  It's frustrating but hopefully just a phase right now.  She is super fun and adorable when she is in a good mood, she is just definitely a handful!

(a cute picture of Sara at our China party- homemade wontons and rice.  They loved it!)

An exciting piece of furniture was brought into our home last week.  We had bought a little round table really cheap and had been using that.  If you know me, you know I am always trying to "simplify" our life, and keep clutter and "stuff" out of our home.  One of the ways I thought I was simplifying was by keeping our dining room less crowded by using a small table.

Well, I was wrong.

We found this huge table for $15 at a yard sale.  And I love love love love it.  It's imperfect and a bit beat up, but in a good and charming way.  I (gasp) don't even plan on painting it any time in the near future, because I love it's character.

For the first time in our marriage we can have the serving bowls on the table.  Our first family dinner around this table was a little piece of heaven.  It just felt so great to fit at the table.  Manners were better, and attitudes were better.  It was wonderful.

Sara had her blood drawn 2 weeks ago and had a whole bunch of things tested.  I know I've mentioned before I've been really worried about her health.  The Dr. called me with her lab results and said her numbers on everything were really really good except for her vitamin D.  It was 11 and should be at least 32.  It explains why when she gets sick she gets really really sick, and why she is so awfully tired all the time.  It will take a while for the new supplement to build up in her system, but she is taking an adult dose of vitamin D every day now, and I can really tell a difference already.  She still gets exhausted, but not as often and overall she is getting back to normal.  I started taking vitamin D also and can really tell a difference in my energy levels as well, I am sure I needed it too after 8 months with practically zero sun while no bedrest!

I have had to throw out the rule book that worked for the girls when they were babies.  If it worked for them it probably doesn't work for Kate.  She is SO different.  I love her differences, just taking some figuring out!  For instance, she LOVES her tummy.  Lizzie and Sara hated their tummies and would scream so loud, and they both learned to crawl from a sitting position and didn't crawl for long.  Kate on the other hand rolls over almost automatically when she is put on her back.

She also stopped using the binkie last month.  The other two were obsessed with their binkies forever.  I wouldn't mind except Kate really struggles being soothed, by me OR herself, so I really wish she would take it!

She adores her sisters though.  While yes it drives me crazy how rough they can get with her, I love how much they love each other.  Kate is almost always smiley around them, even when it seemed like they must be driving her as bonkers as they would drive me!  :-)

As for the big HOMESCHOOL issue, let's just say it is going fine for now.  No problems with it at all, it's just hard to do all the fun stuff because Kate is so high maintenance that it seems our available time is taken up by the work part. 

 We actually found out that the afternoon class we had Lizzie on the waiting list for has an opening, just not sure when yet.  It will either be next week or after fall break, so mid October.  There are 4 or 5 kids from our ward in that class, and it's in the afternoon, AND they got rid of the cricket infestation at her school, so we are hoping she does better this time around.  Lizzie really needed these few weeks of homeschool so she could really open up and tell me what was bothering her about school.  There was a lot that she needed to talk about.

As much as I want to give her the social activities she needs while homeschooling her, right now it is not possible for me with how much work Kate is.  There just isn't time.  Plus, I just really can't get past how much we like Derek's school that she was/will be attending- except for the art issue.  I plan to counter the "limited creativity" by having a really fun art activity at least twice a week during the morning.

Another reason we are putting her back in is because Sara will for sure be going to school next year, she has a personality that will thrive at school, she doesn't have the anxiety Lizzie does.

Derek has been doing a lot of tutoring at his school, some part of his job and some for a minor extra pay.  One day when he got home he was talking about it and the girls go, "Daddy is TUTORING?"  And they started making tooting noises and saying he was just somewhere in a tooting class.  They got the giggles and it was contagious and I must say even I had a hard time getting control again.  It was hilarious!!!

This handsome guy is doing so wonderful at his job.  He is gone a lot and we are so busy that I miss him a lot.  And it's only going to get busier because mid-October he is starting to coach the girls basketball team at his school.  4 days a week.  He is a little nervous because he only played basketball one year growing up, but I think he will do great.  It's not good pay at all but it is something, and we are hoping to hold onto all our profit from the house to use for his masters degree he is hoping to start next year.  

I also think it was his years in Mexico on his mission but Derek is thriving in the climate here.  He looks great, is getting in shape and getting a good looking tan!  I also gave him a really good haircut this week if I do say so myself!  

I am the opposite, my body has really struggled with the climate here, rashes and itchy all the time and fuzzy fuzzy hair and just an overall feeling of grossness from being too hot all the time.  The big spider crawling on my leg the other night while working on the computer didn't help either.  Oh my heck that was horrible.  Agh.

We are doing really well here still.  I still feel strongly this is where we are meant to be, it has just been more of an adjustment than I was expecting.  The move happened so fast that it seems to just now be sinking in that we are here for good.  I miss the green of Idaho and my yard and my house.  Even more I miss all my family and I wish i could be there with them, especially with all the trials they are going through right now.  I feel so helpless and out of the loop here and hope they know I pray constantly for everyone to deal with all they have on their plates right now.

 Oh, and I almost forgot....

Kate is learning to LOVE her excersaucer, she can twist around and around in it, she really likes to be standing, and she doesn't like to sit, so this is perfect.  She is funny to watch in it because she is still really bad at grabbing things right, so she just sort of swats at the toys.  So cute!