Saturday, October 5, 2013


Kate is 5 months old now!  The time has flown so fast!  The Dr's office here was really full all the time, and she had to wait til she was 5 months old before she got into her 4 month checkup, but she weighed 14 lbs at this appointment.  She is petite and has the chunkiest thighs!  Dr said everything looks good with her health.

I am so in love with this girl.  She has been pretty difficult and fussy the last few months, but she is finally starting to act a little more normal!  And, despite the adorable above picture, it is still HOT here, (I was just trying on her hat that I crocheted, way too hot to wear it anywhere right now!) but at least we are no longer hitting 100 every day.  Mostly 96 is our high.  Still hot, but I think the slight cool down has had a lot to do with her getting less fussy.  She REALLY doesn't like to be hot, she is definitely my baby!

This little girl loves to stand, she also is scooting around on her belly, especially scooting in a circle!  So cute!  She is happiest when in her baby exersaucer, because she can stand and turn around and play with the toys. 

She definitely resembles the other two girls with her coloring, her eyes are for sure blue.  I still think she looks a lot like Derek.  Her baby pictures look a lot like Lizzie's baby pictures, and Lizzie looks like Derek so I guess that's true!

She has some funny little quirks.  One thing we found a month or two ago was that she has 3 funny little 1/2 inch patches of hair on one side of her head that are coming in very light, either white blond or possible even white!  The doctor said she couldn't tell yet, because she still hardly has any hair!  It's so cute, and makes me laugh.  Who knows what that hair will look like when it all starts to come in!  

She is finally starting to take longer naps, and we will get hour long to two hour long naps at least once a day.  She is not a super cheerful and laughing baby, in fact getting her to laugh takes some serious work!  But she does smile a lot.

 Lizzie can almost always get Kate to laugh, and so can Sara.  Kate LOVES her sisters, and for the most part they are very gentle with her and kind.
Kate loves when Daddy is home, and she gets so excited.  She also loves to fall asleep in his arms.  Love her chunkiness!  She started refusing her binkie over a month ago, and won't take it at all.  Sometimes she sucks on her fingers, but she mostly just has jaws of death and will squeeze things with her gums as tightly as she possibly can.

 She is such a joy to have in our home, and i love her so much!  I am grateful for her and for the opportunity I have to be a mother and to serve her with every ounce of strength that I have.  She she such a precious spirit!

I made her this quilt over the last couple of weeks.  I am gearing up and practicing for making a King quilt for our bed.  My skills are still severely lacking.  I now know that doing binding MY way is not the best way!  haha!  But I still love her quilt, it looks great in her room and the backing is a vintage floral sheet, and I just really love how it all turned out!  This was a super simple quilt, I had seem similar quilts done, the square are raw edged and sewn on top, basically quilting the squares, top, padding, and backing together all at the same time in an imperfect grid.  I love the imperfect perfectness of this quilt!

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